Miles: 0 

Total Elevation Gain (ft):  0

Spouses Present: 1, still

Precocious kids in tow: 2


Lightning and thunder today.  A big storm rolled through St. Mary Lake, the site of our cabin in the woods. The kids hunkered down in their bunks as if it were the London blitz. 

"I don't like thunderstorms Dad!," said Felix sternly.  He still recalls the biblical weather in Kansas. Since moving to Oregon, we haven't experienced fiercely inclement weather. 

It was a lazy day at the campsite.  Holed up in our quaint shack, we had a couple of meals, got needed rest and pored over our electronic devices.  Roughing it was never so easy. I'm sure there are parents frowning upon our kid's allowance of digital heroin, but they can get bent.  Without such magnificent gadgets, I wouldn't have the neat manga framed montage Camille put together (posted).  It made my day.

Tomorrow we'll try to get to Many Glacier and ask the Blackfoot spirits to part the clouds.