I'm dedicating my ride to a worthy cause and hope to raise funds for a cure to the insidious disease of entitilitus.

The National Entitilitus Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Entitilitus, also known as Ronnie Dobbs Disease.

Many patients who suffer from Entitilitus are also battling an equally deadly disease called Imminent Death Syndrome. Once the two diseases take hold, the patient usually does not live long enough to learn how to correctly spell Entitilitus.

"The killer what took me is Entitilitis. No one knows what Entitilitis is, or where Entitilitis comes from, but Entitilitis kills."

--Ronnie Dobbs

1. Entitilitus has no known cause or cure.

2. Medical science has no basic understanding of Entitilitus.

3. Entitilitus kills.