Miles: 53.84
Total Elevation Gain (ft): 2712
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Temperate
Hillbilly Insults: 0
Roadkill: 0
Bugs Swallowed: 1
I'd like to thank the Lewis and Clark expedition, the vanguard of American manifest destiny, for allowing me such a fabulous ride today. If Jefferson had not let these brave military officers "befriend" indigineous peoples so we could rob their land, I'd be stuck touring Yankee territory. Imperialism has its benefits. My favorite is modern infrastructure!

I've ridden on some of America's most scenic roads, but historic Highway 30 from Troutdale, OR to Multnomah Falls, OR might be the nicest short stretch of asphalt in the country. It's lighty trafficked, despite all the tourists gawking at perfect waterfalls, bubbling brooks, sheer cliff walls and canopied tree coverage.

I ran into some nice Canadians (all Canadians are nice, I know) by way of Holland and Portland. They were a jovial bunch. I tossed any notion of keeping a schedule after our banter and stopped at one site after another chatting up folks enjoying their summer vacations.
Befriended a fellow cyclotourist making his way to Missoula, MT from Portland, OR. Erik Dunham is a software engineer with an artist's attitude during a tour. He offered a lot of sage advice gained from his years of cycling sabbaticals. Erik, if you're reading this, I plan on finding the brick you been awarded by being such a good patron to Adventure Cycling when I visit their headquarters. Association. If you check back in a couple of weeks, I'll post a picture of it if I'm successful in finding it.
Ended the day with a steep climb out of Cascade Locks followed by a stretch on I-84E. It's the only way into Hood River. I wasn't fond of this part of the route, especially with 18-Wheelers roaring by. The shoulder was mostly wide, but not wide enough to prevent me from peeing myself a bit as a big rig kicked up a few stones that hit my shins.

I felt better while eating my freeze dried dinner, I got a photo text of Camille following me on an atlas. I love that kid!

Tomorrow, I'm going to shoot for the entry into Washington, but I'm tired and might nap a lot along the way.