Miles: 66.42 Total Elevation Gain (ft): 2455
Weather: Sunny, Hot
Hillbilly Insults: 0
Roadkill: 4 (Goat, 3 Birds)
Bugs Swallowed: 0
Mean Dogs Chasing: 1 (Sheep Dog)

Getting close to the Idaho border.
The winds were fierce today, but mostly at my back. Thank you Zephyrus for the assist over those hills!
The ride was just an uneventful grind today as wine country gave way to wheat farming and wind mills. I'm amazed that combines can manage the steep harvest grounds out here.
Arriving in Pomeroy, I was greeted by the sign below. I don't think this rural community of 1,517 has many Hindus, Sikhs, or Bhuddists. I'm certain they'd be welcome too, if they believed in Jesus. The folks in the cafe are very friendly. I hope they don't smell any of my Jew blood. It's probably masked by my musky odor and my father's parochial DNA.
Katy will be joining me this weekend. It'll be grand to have her around. She's a saint for making the drive to offer me a light bike, SAG stops and company the next couple of days. As well, my mother is making this all possible for coming to my home this summer to help with the pets and kids, not necessarily in that order. Thanks Mom!

Looks like this blog hit 2000 unique visitors today. I don't know who you are, but thank you for checking out my narcissistic ramblings.