Miles: 31.2 Total Elevation Gain (ft): 1115.5 Weather: Sunny, Temperate
Hillbilly Insults: 0
Roadkill: 3 (1 Bird, 1 Ground Squirrel, 1 Unknown) Bugs Swallowed: 0
Mean Dogs Chasing: 0

Staying in the experimental forest is like being in the romanticized versions of summer camp I'd watch on ABC After School Specials.
It's conference center, cabins, recreation and dining hall are nestled in the woods. Congenial staff and grad students do earnest work and the place also supports Job Corps and forestry fire training.
It's a sure sign that my Geritol, prune juice, diaper wearing years approach as the young Job Corps and firefighter trainees call me "sir." What's worse is that this measure of politeness is genuine and not forced. I guess I'm not one of the cool kids anymore. I sense that they can just smell my decline. Sigh.

I chose to rent a cabin since the weather called for rain. It was a good call, as it hasn't let up yet this morning. Adventure Cycling makes scant mention of the Lubrecht project, but should emphasize it a bit more. It was a pleasant surprise. If anyone makes it to this area outside of Missoula, Check out their information here:
I swiped some WiFi from the conference center here and met a couple of affable U of M grads. Eryn and her assistant Christy are performing ecology PhD work in the woods. They make camp for four days and pack out for Missoula week after week. Our conversation quickly turned to questions about the best gear for camping, bikes, college mascots and Christy's fabulous dog, Diesel. The three of them are pictured below. (If you get a chance to read this Eryn and Christy, my offer to host you in Bend still stands. Feel free to bring the dog.)
It was a short ride and a nice day. The new hobo design seems to be working well on the Fargo. It will be a new test today to see how it all performs in my first day of rain.

Onto Big Fork, hopefully.


David ~
06/13/2013 2:36pm

Well Sir the days of not being carded and being able to fit in as a bit older hipster are all but over...hahahaha,
I've felt that sting for a long time now but the thing about me is that I embrace it and you know what I mean! Hey bro, you've been giving me trouble about being old for some time's finally caught up with you, you kill me. It is however nice to see that there are still a few well mannered young people out there...someone's, somewhere parents are still teaching their kids the right way to do things, too many young people out there that don't know the word...
Glad your having fun, still like to meet up with you somewhere on your travels and ride a bit with you...
D ~

Jonathan Leahey
06/14/2013 10:19am

Just drop a note, old man, and let me know where you want to meet to ride.

I'm going to head East in a few days out of Cut Bank, MT once we end a bit of camping in Glacier National Park. Then across MT, ND...

Hope to see you soon!

06/15/2013 6:49am

Just thought I'd let you know, your blog is a crack up! You leave readers with the vivid and funny details of your journey. Write a book next. My dad and mom said they honked at you when they drove by you on Hwy 200 on your way back up to Lubrecht on Wednesday. My dad got a kick out of your obvious fear of potentially getting mauled by a bear, and your not-so-concerned attitude about large semi trucks on two-lane highways going up 83. He's wondering how many of those you saw. I promised I would ask. You are the only "Cycling" road biker he has ever taken a fondness for, since spending 25 years driving long hauls.
I will be sure to keep follow this. Super fun!
Dawn Donham- Legal Administrator/Potomac, MT Bar Deck Frequenter

Jonathan Leahey
06/15/2013 11:36am

Dawn, good to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words.

Tell your Pop that the trucks coming up 83 were too numerous to count. If I fixated on my demise from a humongous vehicle, I'd probably stop riding altogether, even at home. Better to spend time on low frequency horrors, like the grizzly, yeti and UFO abductions.

I didn't recognize it as your dad, but I do recall getting the friendly honk, because it was unique.

I don't know if the electrician was your boyfriend, husband or pal, bit he was absolutely right about the lack of a shoulder along the middle section of 83. I must say that the truckers were far more forgiving and polite than many people in cars and pickups, even when they has two lanes open.

Be well and be in touch. Feel free to pay us a visit in Bend sometime, we have lots of beer and porches.


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