Miles: 84.80
Total Elevation Gain (ft): 4158
Weather: Sunny, Hot
Hillbilly Insults: 0
Roadkill: 10 (4 Birds, 2 Snakes, 1 Chipmunk, 1 Mouse, 2 Unknown)
Bugs Swallowed: 0
Mean Dogs Chasing: 0

Tour Highlight: Ferdinand, Idaho. Population 145

Trust me, Ferdinand is a gem nestled in Northern Idaho, "above the Mexicans and Mormons," as my new friend Hooker, the 75 year old cowboy says.
Ferdinand was a pit stop that became an overnight stay. This place has it all; a squeaky clean bar and grill called Trestle Brewing at the Halfway Club; "Hooker," the aforementioned icon; nice dogs and the "chateau" that we were invited to stay in overnight, for free.
Mike and Kim, the proprietors of Trestle Brewing, are top shelf. Those of you that know me are familiar with my non-religious teetotaling ways, but tonight is a rare exception. There is a je ne sais quoi about this joint. So, as the night progresses and we all trade rounds, I know it's gonna be a late start tomorrow. I'll probably shout curses when the real climbing over the Lolo Pass commences.
The spartan territory of SE Washington gave way to the canola fields and foothill mountains of Lawyer Canyon, Idaho. The Rockies are looming and ready to kick my ass tomorrow. I got a taste of it today climbing out of the town Cul-de-Sac, where the townsfolk were celebrating Shebang Days, a festival of bluegrass, local food and rebel flag hats for women. I have no idea how the "War of Aggression" against the South had an impact way up here. Oh, well.
Its been great having Katy with me with the assist. Besides the company, it's been swell having my sexy beast of a mistress to ride: The 17 lb. Felt Z-25. It'll be hard climbing back on the old reliable 70 lb. Fargo after this. The Felt sounded and felt like a toy during today's grind.

Getting close to Missoula and the Mecca of touring cyclists--Adventure Cycling's headquarters.


06/10/2013 4:12pm


Ferdinand sounds like an interesting place; If I were a white guy looking to find a cool place to stay overnight while sunning from Armageddon LOL. Just kidding... You know, you and I have similar tolerances for people and places. Show 'em the way to the Promised Land big guy.

We love you and we are pulling for you on this journey.

Stay Up!

Jonathan Leahey
06/11/2013 1:08am

Hatch, you'd thrive here. It's like a haven for passers through. Although, I'm not sure about what I was told about other places from Hooker. He says that a few towns turn anyone from the outside away. We're gonna road trip here together in the Fall, you and me, to watch a Seahawks game from the bar!

01/01/2014 5:48pm

Great read! Trestle is my Dad's place and it was need to read your perspective of the Camas Prairie! Hope you do get a chance to venture back to Idaho.

01/01/2014 5:49pm

correction *neat

Jonathan Leahey
01/02/2014 11:37am


It's swell hearing from you. We really enjoyed your dad's place. When I was there, your dad was telling me that he was trying to buy the brick building across the street to put in the brewery. Did he succeed?

Be in touch and check out the blog in a week or two. I neglected it and need to finish the last six entries and clean up the site.

Happy New Year!


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